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Beer’s to eat Turkey to


Thanksgiving is quickly approaching  , and as we are all rushing to the grocery to fight for that last can of cranberry sauce. I’m sure you could use a drink after. It’s within this article that I’ll be highlighting some gems that will go nicely with the turkey that you spent all day making just to have little Billy refuse  to eat.
Farmhouse Ale/Saison

A beer style that is panned by most, the Saison fits in nicely at the Thanksgiving table it’s notes of citrus and pepper pairing well with the rich flavors that adorn your feasting table.  The bright fizz of this beer style also helps to cut through the fatty nature of some of our festive favorites.

Recommended beers for the occasion:

  • Hennepin- Ommegang
  • Captain Stardust- Yellow springs Brewery
  • Woodthrush- Little Fish


Savory is the focus on Thanksgiving, rather it is mounds of mashed potatoes  with rivers of gravy or walls of stuffing that enclose a pile of turkey.  We all love all of these delicious flavors so it’s not too surprising that at some point throughout the day we find ourselves wanting something sweet.  The Belgian Quad is a perfect beer to sate that wants with warm waves of alcohol that are softened by complex notes of spice and stone fruit.  I will warn you, though, your mid-day nap  from all the food is guaranteed with this beer style
Recommendations for the occasion:

  • Stoaked- Upland
  • Brother Thelonious- North Coast


  • Abt12- St Bernardus

Imperial Stout

Living in Ohio we all know that November is a fickle month that tends to quickly fall cold and harsh. So what better beer to warm yourself with at the dinner table than a big ole stout. The nice roasted and chocolate character will pair well with that third plate of Aunt Petunia’s stuffing
Recommendations for the occasion:

  • Old Rasputin- North Coast
  • Ten Fidy – Oskar Blues
  • Narwhal- Sierra Nevada

Scotch Ale

Packing complex flavors of Bread Pudding, Toffee, and  Caramel,  It is no surprise you’d want to add this beer style to the dessert table.  Rather it’s a 40 Shilling or a wee Heavy, the scotch ale is a wonderful beer to be enjoyed by anyone who has enough room left to try it.

Recommendations for the occasion:

  • Outta Kilter- Hopping Frog
  • Dirty Bastard-Founders
  • Claymore- Great Divide
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